Witnessing Bravery


Bundeswehr Gold Cross For Bravery

I do have a story of serious bravery that needs to be written.

This is a story about Gail, a librarian at my library. She’s a small woman, petite and birdlike in many ways. No one you would look at and instantly think “hero”. And yet she was there for a woman in need when grown adult men stood around staring.

A woman had gone out and filled a bbq cylinder and left it in the boot of her car while she went and did other shopping. When she got back to the car, the bright, and unfortunately for her, spark decided to light a cigarette.

Warning to everyone out there. If you need to transport LPG gas cylinders do it quickly and never leave the cylinders in hot cars. The gas expands and needs to be vented by the cylinder. If the cylinder is sitting in a locked car the gas is got nowhere to go but into the car.

The resulting explosion was heard and felt more than 200 metres away at our library. Without a thought Gail raced out to see what had caused the bang, a decision that still sounds like lunacy to our team leader.

The woman had been thrown from her car and was on fire. She running around, scream for someone to help her. Gail did what no other person, male or female thought to do and got the woman down on the ground and rolling. She stayed with the woman until the ambulance arrived and kept her and the other useless sightseers safely away from the car.

Bravery is not about how big and tough to look but how you react when it really counts.

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