Thursday 18 November 2010


Today has been a quiet day in preparation for the big push this weekend.  As a result we played Doodle god, an app for the iPhone.  It’s a puzzle game where you make different combinations of the four basic elements, earth, water, fire and air to make up to 248 different compounds, tools, animals, plants and even mythical creatures.

Thus my picture today, though how I could have displayed Air I wasn’t sure (maybe the one or two bubbles in the water, maybe I could use with soda water).  There was certainly a lot of air around when I took the shot, the flame threatened to go out continuously.


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  1. Rationally the air HAS to be there, but I would like to show that it is there. I guess the bubbles will do for now. Also, I’d love the flame alone, but without burying the candle I’m not sure how to do it.

  2. If you didn’t have air, there would be no flame, so it’s there whether you see it or not. It is cool, that there’ s a couple of air bubbles in the water though.

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