Tuesday 16 November 2010


You know the odd  things you find when you do a little cleaning?  Well, we’ve spent the day going through two lifetimes worth of junk and found some real gems.

Above is a small fraction of my Crowded House/ Split Enz collection that has been hiding in plastic garbage bags for maybe ten years.  Three rooms had to be demolished and put back together over the course of today and finally as the light fails in the sky, we can say we see an end.

Not that we’re finished.  No, no, no!  There’s just no place to put anymore stuff right at this moment.  Tomorrow a skip is coming and finally we may be able to walk around our house without tripping on broken lamps, school exercise books (from twenty years ago) and old electronic gadgets (never fear, the phone are in one pile ready for recycling).

The weirdest things we found?

Three video players (who thought we had so many!)

A school library bag from primary school (twenty-two years ago)

Seventeen silver fifty cent pieces.


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