Murphy’s crockery


Sometime you can do all the planning in the world but unforeseeable things conspire to bring it all undone.  That’s what happened at work this week.

For months our team leader promised a new crockery for the library.  We have a cupboard full of odds and ends nothing matching and all old. It’s not a big deal but new crockery would look better when serving afternoon tea on special events and would fit in the cupboard better.  She’d saved her minor assets money and let those with control of the purse strings know what she was up to. It was set, she could buy it whenever she got a chance.

This week on a visit to Target she bought a very simple 12 piece set.  Nothing big, just enough for the libraries needs.  Still it’s a heavy box to carry through a busy shopping centre to her car. It wasn’t until she was almost back at the library, just about to turn into the driveway for the staff parking that she got a phone call from a fellow team leader.

“Have you got the crockery yet?”

“Yeah, I just bought it, why?”

“Oh no, we just got an email.  Town Hall are clearing all their crockery and each branch is going to receive a set!”

Sometimes Murphy has plans of his own.


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