Good Editor required


Anyone who’s had to put up with this blog knows that I could really do with the help of a full-time editor. Spelling and grammar checkers can not deal with how I and many others mangle the English language.

And it’s not just personal correspondence that is suffering. Here’s an example from a community group’s current promotional flyer:

Spelling and grammar checkers would have passed this phrase with flying colours. Most human editors eyes glance over the error that is huge once you know it’s there. In fact, knowing the error makes me want to read genealogist as gynecologist.

What can we do about such slips of the fingers? My personal preference is nod sadly at the error, look suitably embarrassed and blame the education system in my day.


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    • I know that duffers like me really bring down the English language, but how do we gain that critical editor’s eye?

      The assumptions our brains make when we’re reading are outrageous leading to errors like the one above. But if we didn’t we take forever to read the simplest thing.

      Thanks for the comment.

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