Keep Australia trashed

Explain to me this. 
I was at my computer which faces out a window into the neighbourhood park.  It’s usually a good view watching people walking together, throwing balls for their dogs,  groups playing cricket or throwing (or kicking depending on the code) a football around. 
Attracted to the movement of a man who was standing near a garbage bin finishing the dregs of his take away coffee.  I say movement because his arm would swing down from a swig 180 degrees to sit at his hip, the takeaway cup swivelling on this thumb and middle fingers.  Up it would rise again for another sip and it was this grand gesture of enjoyment that had caught my attention. 
All other work now forgotten, I watch the man for maybe two minutes as he just stands near the garbage bin, finishing his coffee.    Now the bin was full, I can see things in it from here, but still I’m sure something small like a cup would sit inside the rim with little problem.  The man finishes his coffee and instead of easily placing it in the garbage bin he bent down and placed it at the foot of the bin.   On the ground around the bin is not actually ‘in’ the bin.  Why stick around looking into a bin if you were going to throw it on the ground anyway?
Now what was that about?

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