My treasures part 7


The world of facts is far stranger than any fiction world could ever be.  Being born in October my birthstone is opal a stone that was look on with mixed feelings, some feeling their lucky while others thought that individual stones were bad luck and even drew the life out of its wearer.

The best and most interesting set of opal is Eric the Umoonasaurus demoscyllus (a type of pliosaur).  The near complete skeleton is made of  boulder opal and one of the most impressively beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  I remember seeing Eric at the Australian Museum as a kid.  It is this opal that I would exhibit in my virtual museum, something unique and very rare.  At $320,000 (in the early 90’s) I’m glad that this exhibit is of the virtual kind.

For me, opal is even more ironic.   Opal is the birthstone for Librans who are supposedly air signs.  Opals are made of water and silicon (water and earth) and the sparks of colour are said to be the opal’s fire.  Mind you, I don’t know what stone could be said to be for an air sign. Pumice?


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