A Movie that moves


A customer asked me what my all time favourite movie was.  I usually don’t like such absolute questions.  The movie I watched and rewatched as a kid is not the same movie (though it’s still pretty good) I’d watch today.

So here’s a list of movies I love and why in no particular order.  I’d love to hear other ones rocked your world.

Much ado about nothing:  You can’t go past the bard and this story plays to my two favourite aspects of story writing character and language.  Beatrice and Benedick have history and their meeting at the beginning of the movie gives you a taste of the battle of words between them.

Benedick: I would my horse had the speed of your tongue.

As these two grow closer together (by the meddling of friends) the other couple (Hero and Claudio) are torn apart by evil machinations of others.  The comedy and tragedy are well-balanced in this story and, as it is a comedy, all comes to a satisfactory, marriable ending. Wonderful actors, far too may to mention here, give real warmth to their character’s and their relationships.

Sixth Sense: Who didn’t suck a breath in when they realised…at the end…well…if you’ve watched it you know and if you haven’t…what is you’re problem?! I must say you wonder why you’re watching the story about Dr Malcolm Crow a loser child psychologist.  He seems such a waste of air.  At those times Cole’s story is totally freaking you out.  But the end it all falls into place and gives a very satisfying conclusion, giving hope that both characters can move on. Wonderful actors including Sydneysider Toni Collette.

Scarlet Pimpernel: Outrageous costumes, heroes in disguise, sword fighting scenes, and a  love triangle more deadly than Bermuda destined to destroy one of the three main characters.  The heartache of  Sir Percy’s(Anthony Andrew) face when he found out his wife had people executed plucked  a whole heart-string concerto on my teenage sensibilities. The desire and desperation of Chauvelin(Ian McKellen) as everything he’s ever worked for slips through his fingers, the dawning realisation as Marguerite (jane Seymour) looks up to her husband’s family portrait and realises that the fop is really the hero she always knew he was.  Okay, yes…melodramatic and romantic foolery it may be, but I can still sing the theme music and see these scenes in my minds eye after decades.  It’s good people…Viva la Pimpernel!

The Kid: I am a fan of Charlie Chaplin‘s  and I was blown away when I recently rewatched The Kid.  89 year has not diminished the power of this simple little story, such was the genius of Chaplin.    Though I do love language, movies like The Kid prove that words aren’t required.  Universal, Charlie Chaplin was a true humanitarian in all sense of the word.  Jackie Coogan (who was much later to play the beloved Uncle Fester) breaks your heart with his performance as the Kid.  Thanks some wonderful folks on the Internet you can now watch The Kid, just follow the link on the image.

Ladyhawk:Though I do have to shut my ears to the awful 80’s soundtrack Ladyhawk’s characters and sense of magic keep me watching decades later.  Unusual among these movies listed, the landscapes play a dominant part in the story as our heroes, the thieving Philipe Gastone (Matthew Broderick), noble but bitter Captain Etienne Navarre(Rutger Hauer) and the ever hopeful Isabeau d’Anjou (Michelle Pfeiffer).  From the muddy hole Philipe is digging for himself at the start of the movie,  frozen wildspaces where much of the story is set, to the echoing expanse of the Cathedral of Aquila at the end the setting is a character of this story.

I have lots of favourites but these stand out as having stood the test of time for me. 



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  1. If you ask me on any given week it would change, depending on my mood and what I may have seen recently.

    Superman I- Christopher Reeve is just brilliant in this. I’d forgotten how good an actor he was until I watched this again recently. The story is great too. Unlike so many action hero stories these days it’s not just a loosely slung together plot as a vehicle for spectacular fight scenes.

    Back to the Future: This movie is getting mentioned a lot in our house as it comes out on blu-ray October 27. I love a good story centred around time travel.

    Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Goes without saying. I think Peter Jackson did a lovely job of bringing the books to life. True he couldn’t include everything, but I think it hung together well and the characters were pretty much as I pictured them in the book. A wonderful story and visually spectacular films.

    Harvey: Rewatched recently. Who couldn’t love Jimmy Stewart in this. There’s a reason this guy is my favourite actor. What a lovely story too. Challenging people’s perceptions of how to live their lives. Gorgeous!

    Moon: Really well put together movie. Sam Rockwell is brilliant. I loved the story.

    I could probably keep going, but that’s what’s on the top of my head right now.

    • I’ve never watched moon. I’ll hunt it out at the video store. LOTRs is awesome but I could be picky and say it’s not a series. It’s the same reason I didn’t mention the original (and I mean untampered with) Star Wars series. Good old Harvey! Jimmy Stewart was a favourite of three generations of our family, my grandmother thought he was the archetypal man.

      Thanks for the suggestions, I’m going to have to check these out again very soon.

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