The basic science is good…


Talking allergies and over-active immune system problems with a friend recently lead to a discussion of Glyconutrients and the nature of sugars as related to cells and cell communication.  Having only had experience of glucosamine for the rebuilding of cartilage I was interested to hear about other sugars that could help with the auto-immune issues.

This post  by Dr Ralph Moss was very helpful article on the subject, but it did raise some questions about the company that really push a sugar based therapy called Ambrotose®.  In fact the company that created the name Glyconutrients  is not so clean and morally upright as one would like from a health firm.

Which is a shame because  Glycobiology is doing good work as seen in this article by American Scientist.  Unfortunately, they are a while away from suggesting particular sugars to treat illness or for the general improvement of health.

I would be nice if we could solve the world’s ills with the spoonful of sugar, but life is not a Julie Anthony musical number.


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