Wattle I do?


At work we occasionally put on displays for official days, Red Nose Day, ANZAC Day.

Australian Coat of Arms

My boss wanted a display for Wattle Day, 1st September so I thought I find out about it in preparation.  Here’s the official Wattle (floral emblem) site here and here is the Wattle Day site.

Orginally promoted by a Wattle Club  to encourage a new sense of patriotism before there was officially a country to be proud of.  Wattle was  eventually chosen  as our national flower as so many species of it grow all over Australia it can genuinely be said to be ‘Australia’s flower’.  For this reason, wattle  sits behind the animals that can’t go backwards on our Coat of Arms, the flower that unites the whole of Australia.   

All very good, until I got to this site who’s writer unfortunately confuses patriotism with racism and bigotry.  As you may expect, I will NOT be repeating their sentiments on this site or any display I create.

I also noted the writer did not add an email address to their site.  If the owner of that site want to throw a little abuse  at THIS multicultural writer, feel free, my email address is given in contacts.  I wouldn’t mind spreading a little blood on the wattle.

Wattle unites us, it’s not a prop for those who say, “…we’re us and you’re them…”.


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