A tale of two dogs


Dogs have a lot to teach us about life.  Here’s an example from the weekend just past.

After a busy morning of gardening and washing my sister and I decided that a deep-fried fish meal was in order.  So, scrounging for loose change she found the required money and went for a quick walk down the street to buy our feast while I finished cleaning up the yard.  It was then that I noticed a distinct difference between how my two dogs behaved.

Bonny, the elder Border Collie, went to the gate to watch my sister walk away.  She cried a little and fussed around inconsolable.  Sukey, our Shetland Sheepdog was happy to follow me around accepting pats and kind words while occasionally looking to the gate to see if my sister had returned. 

Some of us human do the same thing when we lose something or someone special.  Some of us pine over what we have lost, but some of us keep our eyes focused on what we have.  Living in the present doesn’t stop us thinking about what we have lost, but it does allow us to take comfort from those that remain. 

Clever dogs!


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