Hirple, kurple, colour purple


The things you learn watching television. On QI tonight we found out that there is indeed rhymes of the colour purple.

Hirple:  a limp of sorts where you drag your leg

Kurple: interestingly enough the urban dictionary give the definition of a as a very plush seat much like a bean bag seat.  The definition given on the show was a leather strap that goes around a horses tail to stop a saddle from riding forward.

Of course my sister insists that there is another, Blurple which has two meanings, a very blue purple and an innocent mistake.

So you could say, the bloke that hurt his leg on a kurple, hurpled torwards the purple kurple.

Even the other old favourite, silver has a rhyme, chilver which is a female (eve) lamb.  A silver chilver, what a pretty thought.

Now we just need at least one rhyme for the colour orange.

Speaking of Stephen Fry (the host of QI) and language, he’s just announced on his website that he’s creating a 5 episode documentary on human language. I’m looking forward to that one.


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  1. As an American, I can vouch for the “nurple”. But you have to say purple before it generally, I think.
    It’s what bullies do. “You wanna purple nurple, nerd?”

  2. There is another word that rhymes with Purple.
    Nurple!! I think it’s an American word. It means to grab someone’s nipple and twist violently. I think it’s more of a kids playground thing.

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