Pay it forward


Hmmm… I don’t want to stop people from buying the odd cup of coffee for a stranger, in the story provided by Jane, even this simple act can have huge benefits.  But as I understand it the Pay it forward idea was to do a service that the receiver couldn’t do for themselves.  An example would be  to mow the lawn of an invalid or elderly neighbour.

My example (and the reason why I feel compelled to write this) was that of a friend who cleaned the house of a workmate who just got out of hospital.  Having been sick for a month before ending up in hospital with a large cyst on his lungs he hadn’t had the energy to even run the vacuum around his large house.  Being a bachelor he probably didn’t see the need.  The first day he was back at home, our mutual friend turned up with her own vacuum and pulled six bags full of dust from his carpets.  It was a task it could not have hoped to achieve even healthy and means he’s living in a healthier environment during his recuperation.

It took effort and a bit of thought, but this act of charity has true worth.  Her act has led me to write this in encouragement to those who read it, made me think more about those around me and reminded me of the true weight of the words, Love thy neighbour.

Want to see where this thought has taken people, check out the Pay it forward Foundation.


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