My Treasures part 6


Today is my second blog anniversary and celebration I’ll do it in the UK traditions and celebrating in paper.

I personally find it hard to walk pass the stationery shelves in the supermarket, I know where all the Officeworks are in my area and have draws, cupboards and boxes of notebooks.  But it’s not just me that thinks that paper is a special material.

We don’t think much about paper, the more transitory and so environmentally sound of all our refuse we don’t think twice about paper we use daily but

until not so long ago, our attitude to paper would have been incomprehensible.

One of the four great inventions of China paper as we know it was one of the key ingredients to cheap print material and therefore mass printing.  Europe was stuck with parchment made from animal skins until paper was imported from the east.  Parchment made any form of writing incredibly rare and expensive.  Paper made from almost any fibre could be made anywhere for the first time.

It is questionable that the renaissance could have got started without the ability to share information quickly and cheaply.

So paper definitely has a place in my Virtual Museum.


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