What I Lost and Want Back



She was an eleven year old Maori girl who mum was dying of cancer. Way back when she was my best friend, so much so we use to say we were twins though it was obvious we weren’t. It was funny, at least to us.

I remember going to see her mum once in a darkened room in the rented house they share. She was so worried for her daughter that she knew would be alone. I told her I would be her friend. When her mother died they moved away and I never saw her again. She was my first friend to drop out of my life and her departure still leaves a small hole even today.

I often wonder what happened to her and even search for her on social networking sites. Her name was Belinda Disney and though I know enough life has past to know I will never get her back, it would be good enough to know she was still out there and doing okay.


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