My treasures part 5


After the rush of end of semester assignments I’ve been left at an emotional and intellectual energy low. Sitting and doing nothing but look at a screen is about all I’ve been good for.  Great timing then for an iPad to make an appearance in my life.

Initally, I bought it to support my Uni work as I really don’t like printing off the pages of course notes and articles. The idea of reading and even annotating files like docs and PDFs on screen was just too tempting.   In one small parcel I will have all my course work, all my perscribed readings and even notes for assignments.  In a wifi environment it can do even more.

Now I find it hard to imagine my life without it.  In fact, on at least one occassion I’ve caught myself touching computer screens in shops expecting them to work as intuitively as my iPad.

I also love the fact that with my iPad I’m just that little bit closer to the the Star Trek Universe.  Now we just need someone to develope warp drive and we’re done.  If it helps they could use my iPad.


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    • It certainly has a prettier screen than the Star Trek Padd. Well, if it’s any consolation I do have twinges of jealously over your newest acquisition, Dad just got one too *shaking head in exasperation* and it is a thing of beauty.

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