Managing Change


It’s big business, getting people and a corporation ready for change.  My sister’s work have whole departments that do nothing but organise for change.  In a few weeks time it will be my turn as I go off to a “Managing Change in the workplace” training session.  As she was booking me in for a session, my team leader let slip the following story of her first change managment course.

She was a young team member back then, single and close friends with the bleach bottle.  I mention this because she claims she remembered  feeling pretty blond . Way back then it was a new thing to send staff off to such trainings.  If anyone was booked for such things it was a Librarian not staff members.  When she saw that she was booked for a change management course she was perplexed.  Why did she have to go to a change management course, she had no problem in counting the money everyday.

Ironically in these days where things change daily if someone was to ask you “Do you have any change?”  you may mistakenly answer,  “Yes lots, but we’re very flexible around here and all ready to manage it.”


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