In defence of snail mail


I love mail…as anyone who’s tried to communicate with me can testify to that.  I dislike phones, forget to check SMS and almost totally ignore any communication through social networking.  Snail mail and in the last twenty years (gods!) email are my type of communication.

So I think it’s sad that Australia Post are thinking of winding back services to a Community Hub  idea where everyone would have a post box in a shopping centre.  Besides not being able to pick up mail until the weekend (unless I want to hang around postboxes at 8.30pm every night) I’d miss not having mail to check for when I come home.  The dogs know when I say ‘mail’ that it’s their chance to check out all the new smells that have accumulated on the front lawn during the day. I’d miss those first few moments at home, checking out the mailbox, the front door (for possible parcels) and the property in general.

I love the lucky dip of checking the mailbox.  Will there be anything…or anything good?  Will my expected letter from a friend be there or a completely unexpected missive from a forgotten one. 

Waiting for letters,

My bittersweet delight.

Snails deliver joy.


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