Truth in Advertising


A school student was finishing off her assignment to create an advertisement for a fitness centre.  In the advertisement she referred to the services and products the centre provides including rowing machines, stationary bikes and cross straining machines.

Cross straining?  Yes, well when I asked did she mean to have cross straining machines at her gym she smiled sheepishly and removed the ‘s’.

I don’t know, I’m thinking that people who have injured themselves at the gym have found a straining machine without even realising it.

Just for ‘truth in advertising’ sake maybe the ‘s’ should remain.


2 responses »

    • See, I think that some machines need to be labelled ‘straining machines’ just so you know what you’re getting yourself into. Just imagine, you may want a strain so you can stay home from work, or get out of some heavy work at home.

      But if it’s not labeled how would you know with machine to use?

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