Goodbye myface


I wrote on my facebook page today:

To all my friends who have linked to this facebook page.

Due to my disgust at the denial of basic human right  that have occured on facebook, the taunting of young boys and girls to their deaths and of parents mourning the loss of their children, I will be closing this profile in protest.  The cowardly actions of some individuals would never occur if the people involved were face to face, but the distance that the Internet provides allows these weak people the chance to spread their venom and bile on those who least deserve it.

I condemn facebook for not adminstering their site better and banning people with histories of flaming.  I condemn those useless cowards for making such policies a necessity.

The Internet and in particular social networking sites like facebook are a potentially amazing resource for bringing people together.  Please do not spoil the experience for others with vile comments that you can not take back.

I will leave this site up for another week and then delete this profile.  To all my friends, if you want to find out what I’m up to or just want to chat you can always find me under my screen-name ‘miztres’ in a google search.

I have loved listening to your thoughts and sharing a small part of your lives and must say that my personal experience on facebook has been delightful.  I just feel that facebook has let many people down and I refuse to be part of it any longer.


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