My Treasures part 2


As I think about the things I would add into my virtual museum I am reminded  of Callimachus a Librarian in the Alexandrian Library (early 3rd Century BC) who is known as the first cataloguer because of the remnants of  his catalogue, the Pinakes.  Not to say there weren’t other catalogues before Callimachus’ only this was the first that can be called a catalogue and it’s the only one that’s made it down to us.

The Pinakes is an author list including full name of the author, a biography and bibliography and contained in its 12o scrolls a listing of every item in the Alexandrian Library.

I would love the Pinakes in my virtual library as an example of modern librarianship, the bibliographic data it still provides on the authors listed and their work and as beautiful piece of history in its own right.

I also love the fact that 23 centuries later we are still using catalogue schemes similar to Callimachus’ to make our information resources accessible.  I am pleased though that we no longer need 120 papyrus scrolls to describe our collections.


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