My treasures part 1


My very own museum…some would say I have my very own museum, it’s called my house but it’s so full of junk it’s hard to move around little-lone see any exhibits.   And then there’s the dusting, do you know how I hate dusting?  I was very pleased when we moved into our new house that it was not on a main road and so does not collect the dust like the old house use to.  And then there’s cost, the rarity of some of these items  and then exhibits are not worth a great deal unless they have context so then I’d need all the research, study guides, trained researchers, catalogues, indexes and glossy coffee table books to go with each exhibit.

Alanwatts1 may have found the solution to my museum dreams…a virtual museum!  What!  People have virtual lives, pets, adventures, clothes, cars… why couldn’t I have a virtual museum?  Beside the relative affordability, the dust free environment and the benefit of not cluttering up my home with….the most excellent of stuff, no museum is left missing exhibits, in fact we can all have a Mona Lisa in our museum and the Louvre never know!

Alanwatts1 challenges us to think of the 10 things you’d want in your virtual museum if you could have anything that is currently on exhibit or in storage anywhere in the world’s museums.  I would think you could have anything in the world (Chrysler Building in New York City would suit me) or possibly was in the world (Alexandrian Lighthouse? A living dinosaur for kids rides and scenic tours of my museum?) could be in a virtual museum, but I’ll try to keep it to just the stuff I KNOW exists in museums.

1.  The Southern Cross: Three Wright engined Fokker monoplane that was flown and owned by Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith.  She worked hard in her long distance record breaker.  She was one of the most famous planes of her time at a time when pilots and their planes were superstars.  In the Southern Cross Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith she showed that Australia didn’t have stay in isolation from the rest of the world, particularly the rest of the Empire.  She a symbol of the between war years when Australian’s were having an impact in the most exciting and technologically advanced industry there was, aviation.

Interested?  I can recommend Charles Kingsford-Smith and those magnificent men by Peter FitzSimons.

2.  Pinakes

3.  A suffragette banner

4.  Television series’

5. iPad

6. Paper

7.  Opal fossil “Eric”

8.  Music


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