Now you expect that from customers…


Somedays it seems that most of my work is directing people.  “…here are the photocopiers…”, “…the Youth Ficition is in the last three bays…keep going, yep, right there…”, “…toilets are under the big sign…” etc  But I never thought I’d have to tell a manager where to go.

I’ve wanted to….nevermind, other story…

Maybe I’m being harsh, this manager is new, a few months into the job and has had very few desk shifts.  She’s not to know where everything is straight away, it’s one of the reasons staff are paired on  service points. 

A staff member at my branch rang the main library where this manager was working, and asked for a talking book  from their collection.  After showing some confusion she admitting in not knowing where the talking books were shelved and asked our staff member if they were interfiled with the adult fiction.Being new herself she could only reply that here they were separate and left the manager to ask another staff member. 

Only thing is… and it’s a big one… her office is right next two the eight or ten bays of shelving that make up the talking book collection.  She would walk past them at least four times a day.  Her staff are in those shelves constantly and the technical specialist actually does the selection, de-selection and repair for that collection.

I guess we’re all entitled to a brain meltdown every now and again.


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