Beware the double 2s of February


Caesar should have been concern around the middle of March, but at work, next Monday is looking like a shocker.  Let me give you a rundown:

Our team leader of 12 months is finally going back to her actual job as a Library Officer at another  branch.  Two of the staff started their time here under her leadership and have  known no other team leader.  I’ve worked with her at other locations and know we make a great team.  Monday sees the breaking of that team.  *sob*

On the other hand we get our old team leader back from maternity leave.  I knows she’s going to like what the departing team leader has done with the place in her absence, but she’ll need to be brought up the speed with all that’s gone on in the last twelve months.

Then one of our staff members has to take enforced annual leave starting Monday.  Yes, she is being made to go on annual leave because she’s accrued too much…I wish I had that problem.  So while already a staff member down as the team leader get’s back into the swing of things, this staff member is lazing around the house for a week wondering what to do with herself.

Bookings for a children’s special event start on Monday which just adds another layer of complication to a week that is already overfull day.  It also signals that I have a week of preparation left and just thinking of that starts up the little paniked butterflies…settle down boys!

PLEG (Public Library Evaluation Group) out of NSW State Library are also holding one of several surveys they get all Public Libraries to do.  Don’t they realise that the 22nd February is our horror day and like the fat man in the ‘Meaning of Life’ we can’t fit another thing in.  To make it worse, the staff member who normally deals with the PLEG paperwork is the staff member on annual leave all week.  I think I’m starting to feel ill.

And me?  Well, I’m probably the worst culprit of the bunch.  I will be spending the whole day setting up and helping at the Summer Reading Club Presentation night.  I won’t even step foot in the library until Tuesday to witness the devastation that swept through the day before. 

But wait, who am I talking about?   This is my branch, my fabulous team that on Tuesday when I swan in will say, “Trouble, no trouble.  Why did you think there would be trouble?”

Hmmm, call it a premonition.


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