Goodbye and good riddence


As a woman of the western-suburbs of Sydney, where most citizens are not born in Australia, may I just raise my hand with the many and wish Ms Pauline Hanson a Bon Voyage is she returns to the country of her birth, England.

And not before bloody time too!

A woman, who attitudes belonged to an Australia of 50 years ago when the white Australia policy was all the rage, felt the need to complain that there were too many Asians living Australia and that we needed to stop allowing them to migrate.  I know you have fond memories of the Great British Empire on which the sun never set and the image of an Australian  is that of a bronzed European looking into the future over vast dusty plains.  But maybe you skipped geography at school because you may not have noticed that Australia is not located anywhere near Europe.

That the lovely and hard working people of Asia wish to live here is only natural as we are a stable and relatively well run democracy….in Asia!  To ignore this fact is to show your ignorance and and a sad case of bigotry.

And, Ms Hanson, don’t think that your belief will be welcome back in England outside of skin-head minorities.  The world has moved on and become a more diverse place while you held your head under the Queensland sand.

S0, at the dawing of the Year of the Tiger I can happily say, Kung Hei Fat Choy, Ms Hanson!  Kung Hei Fat Choy!


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