Wintery Irony


As Europe and America deal with a cold winter,  and we all get use to stories like the three day new years eve party in England and snow in Florida, a surprising story is coming out of Canada, at the home of this year’s Winter Olympics.

Vancouver, Canada is having mild weather, so mild fact their losing their snow cover to the extent that they are having it shipped in by truck and even helicoper.

Organisers are blaming global warming but has more to do with El Nino and a local effect the residence call the pineapple express, but this is not the first time that massive efforts have had to be made to keep the Winter Olympics from sinking into the spring melt.

The most dramatic effort to keep the Winter Olympics going were made in 1964 for the Innsbruck Winter Olympics where the army was actually called out to carve up chunks of a glacier to build competition events.

It just shows how far we will go to make something work, and how quickly we are to pass the blame.


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