Morte de Revolution


One of our regulars came in On Christmas Eve which is to be expected.  He’s one of those character you can set your watch to.  11am and possibly 4pm everyday in he trots with a wave and a grumble about this or that thing.

  When we told him that he would have to start packing up as we were leaving at 1pm  he told us that that was okay as he was just leaving for a conference.

One of the staff members who just can’t help herself asked him,
“What sort of conference is on Christmas Eve?”
“Planning the revolution.  It’s on at Redfern.”  He replied and continued his one sided rant about some great men and how they had stood for elelction (and failed to gain a seat I may add).
As he was leaving I said to the  others,
“If he’s the leader of the next revelotion, can I volunteer to be the first up against the wall?”


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