A story…a story…


I am a reader and have been since I realised that the black squiggles on a page can send me to lives and places other than the here and now.  It fasinates me what makes a great story and why is one persons page turner is another persons pulp.

‘Why we read what we read?’ is the central  question of a Readers’ Advisory Service.  Directing people towards new authors or stories that they would enjoy by the application of reference interviewing skills.

Based on the ideas of Nancy Pearl, this post talks about the four ‘doorways’ they people prefer when they read books.  A person may say like like mysteries, but is it really the character of the detective (or criminal) they love to follow, the language the author uses to describe his world, the setting of the city, country town or is it the twists and turns of plot that keep them turning the pages.

My preference has always been for character driven stories, but I never thought much about the other three until reading the article.  So my preference are as  follows:


Language and Story


Language and Story are about neck and neck, but I do feel the need to share a good turn of phrase where a good story will have me in page turning silence. 

What does your reading preference look like?


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