Happy Binary New Year!

I’m childish enough to love small sillinesses and adult enough to admit them.  So it is with great pleasure that I am able to share with you the revelation that we are once again in a binary year.  Let me explain…
Some dates in a binary year make binary code, an example being this Sunday 10 January 2010 or 10.01.10.  This code equals 38 in binary and it got me thinking what other binary dates equal in binary.
Here’s a few more dates and their corresponding decimal (number) values:
Friday 1 January 2010                        010110          22
Monday 11 January 2010                   110110          54
Friday 1 October 2010                        011010          26
Monday 11 October 2010                    111010          58
Monday 1 November 2010                 011110          30
Wednesday 10 November 2010        101110          46
Thursday 11 November 2010             111110          62
The most significant binary date for me is Sunday 10 October 2010 or 10.10.10, being my birthday.  I was very pleased (squirming and squealing in my chair pleased) to find out that 101010 is the code for 42, the Answer to the Ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything and it seems a bunch of other stuff, just follow the link here.

And even in backward places, were the month for some reason comes before the day, my birthday will still be 42.  This makes me (and everyone born on 10 October) the Answer to the Ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything…everywhere!


Furthermore, because binary as a computer language wasn’t even considered until 1937 way after 1910, and this event has never occurred before and won’t repeat again until 2110, it is absolutely a once in a lifetime event.

Viva 101010!


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    • I know! Thus the squeels when I found out! No one here expressed the enthuiaism I required at this revelation until I bumped into our library manager. She was also pleased to find out her birthday (Sunday) is 38 and that at least for this year she can claim to be 38 years old.

      Thank you for expressing the correct and effusive amount of ethuiaism.

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