Swingin’ Library


Through a state-wide network libraries often send out requests for advice, materials, answers to tricky customer questions and general information about their services.  A recent one caught my attention and I thought was something that people outside of library world could help with:

Good Afternoon!  The State Library’s Ephemera Librarian has put out this plea!

A special request.  We are collecting swing tags, fashion labels, call them what you will – those printed price tags attached to clothing in retail stores.  These tags have become fashion statements in their own right, an interesting and graphic aspect of marketing clothing.  We hope to compile a substantial collection in 2010, but as the holiday season and Christmas includes so much shopping, now is a good time to start.  Thanks in anticipation.  Please package and send to Colin Warner, L2 State Library of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000, Australia.

Once again libraries push the boundaries of recycling as they make a collection out of something that is usually considered packaging.

So, shop-a-holics everywhere, once you’ve done the catwalk up and down your hallway and cut off those swing-tags stick them in an ordinary envelope and send them into the address.  Make Colin’s new year.


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