I love dumb criminals


Dumb criminals, they just make my day.  And today I’m double lucky, I get two all the way from Darwin, NT.

This bright spark decided he liked the look of a white car parked at a petrol station in Darwin’s suburbs.  The police soon caught up with the theif and his ‘prize’,  but when this lead to a chase situation they called off the pursit.  They needn’t have worried as the car soon had engine trouble and came to a stop of it’s own accord.  Outside the Peter McCauley Police Complex.

What made me laugh was the obviously 18th century bobby they’ve got working the beat up there in Darwin who made the following statement to  the media:

“The vehicle actually developed engine trouble and broke down…Fortuitously outside the Peter McCauley police complex…The actions of this individual placed a very real, serious danger to the public and it was quite deplorable as to how responsible he was in this instance.”

Well maybe it takes a Keystone cop to catch a slap-stick criminal.

The second clever-clogs obviously didn’t like the look of the white car at the service station he was robbing.  He’d remembered to steal some wheels in preparation for the big heist the next day.  So, at knife-point he robs the attendant of $700.00 and rides off on a pink and purple girls bicycle. 

He had got further than the first thief and later abandoned his ride, but was thwarted by fingerprint technology and the fact he’d been seen stealing the bike the day before.

Who wants smart criminals, they’re no where near as fun as these cretins.


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