9 or Nine


It’s summer here and there’s few things better than hiding from the heat in a darkened cinema.  There’s a lot of choice at this time of year and as my sister and I plan to see a movie for her birthday, I went looking to see what was on offer.

I’d heard that Nicole Kidman’s new musical movie called Nine was suppose to be pretty good.  It’s gained a few golden globe nominations and I’m glad to see another musical.

But then I was confused, in the paper there was an article on the movie 9 not staring Nicole Kidman or Daniel Day-Lewis but Elijah Wood, Christopher Plumber, Jennifer Connelly, Martin Landau; all my favourites.  Interesting story, wonderful C.G., great cast…not a musical though.

So what’s going on?  Why are there two movies out at about the same time (9 out on the 9/12/09 and Nine out 21/1/10)?   What’s worse where you’d imagine the cute animated one would be a PG movie, it also has an adult rating like the musical.

So how are movie goers going to tell them apart?  I can see teen expecting a post apocoalypic C.G. movie find themselves sitting down to a musical and adults expecting a sophisticated musical finding themselves at the end of the world with a bunch of scruffy ragdolls.

I’m now torn.  I want a great story, a little sophisticated, but I love C.G. and am not opposed to a little apocolyse.

What am I going to see?  Easy!  Avatar of course.


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  1. I’d like to see Nine, that’s out soon. I’ll wait for the DVD release on 9 though I’m sure it’s great. Avatar was what what you would expect from the mind behind Titanic. It’s a massive movie, in imagery, in story, in landscape. The plot is a simple one, a man trying to find his place. The world he (and you especially in 3D) find yourself is massive and complicated, beautiful and very very real. It’s big Hollywood all the way unashamedly grand, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

  2. So, which movie did you end up seeing? I want to see the Daniel Day-Lewis “Nine” also, not so much the other “9”, although I did hear it was a good movie. Would be interested in thoughts on “Avatar”.

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