A tale of two brothers


When mum was alive I was very use to being mistaken for her over the phone.  I’d answer the phone and I get a receiver full of Italian.   But how about being confused for your brother two years older or younger than yourself and not on the phone but in official school records.

Steven and Sean  are two years apart and go to the same High School.  Steven, an average student, is the eldest and doing his School Certificate this year.  Sean is bright, really bright.  So bright in fact it came as a little shock when his parents started getting letters sent home about his poor performance.  It was even more of a shock when the letter went on to say that if his failure to complete work continued it may harm his School Certificate results.

What?  Year Eight records don’t go towards School Certificate, do they?  Sure enough, Steven had been confused for Sean, and it wasn’t the last or most embarrassing time either.

Just last night, Sean and his family were invited to the end of year Presentation for all students that had excelled throughout the year.  It was  big deal as Sean was receiving award for being the best in his year, a great honour. 

I guess the nagging fear may have started when they looked at a program and saw Steven’s name and not Sean’s listed for the award ceremony.  But surely that is just a typo?  Unfortunately not.  Not only was he introduced as Steven to the audience, his certificate and even his medallion were printed with his brother’s name. 

Credit to Sean’s teacher that picked up the error and stuck  into the case an I.O.U. .

It’s days like this that you wish you were adopted.  I know the youngest brother is thanking God that his name starts with an A.


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