The ups and downs of life


Life’s ups and downs can often send us dizzy.  Here’s an example from last week of what I mean.

Penny from work had, had a crazy day.  She’d recently applied for a full-time position that would see her be able to spend more time with her family while ensuring a good steady wage.  Though she’d tried to not get her hopes up, they’d been dashed too many times before, it was just her nature to hope.

After an exhausting morning at work she drove to her children’s school, it was the last day of year and the last day of primary school for eldest, Elizabeth.  As a good mother she had brought along a box of tissue  knowing that her daughter was going to be a blubbering mess at the thought of leaving school for the last time.  Little did she know she’d require them herself. 

Just as she got to the school she receives a phone call from the team leaders to say she hadn’t got the job…again.  Disappointment was not modified by the fact that she was pipped at the post by an extremely competent person.  Once again, regardless of how hard she had worked, she was second place.

The school bell rang and Elizabeth came out sobbing.  Nothing Penny could do would calm her daughter down.  At the same time Penny’s youngest, Sarah also wanted her mother’s attention, brandishing her gift of a christmas cracker.  In the middle of the chaos, she receives another phone call, another library she has applied for a position in.   They wanted to organise a time for an interview where she would be required to do a presentation.  This position was in her field of speciality, full-time and so Choice that a few of us here were a little jealous of her applying.  Dare she pin her hopes on this job just to have them dashed like before? 

Head in a spin she rushes home to drop off her kids.  Her husband is there with bad news, he has to have an operation for the day after the big interview!  What else can happen to complicate her life?  Well, she had plenty of time to contemplate that question, stuck in traffic on the way to her evening job.

The next day they were off to the zoo, I wonder if she thought to stay there, or if she felt she was already living in a zoo.


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