Let the posting begin!


Holiday’s beckon.

Hours to go ’till freedom.

Moments ’till I’m back.

Back  at work that is.  As for this blog I intend to be here every day as I embark on another holiday photographic project.


Once again I’ll list the posts for the next two weeks below building a complete snapshot (or several) of the two weeks that will be.IMG_1561

Friday 13th November 2009IMG_1589

Saturday 14th November 2009IMG_1596

Sunday 15th November 2009

Monday 16th November 2009

Tuesday 17th November 2009

Wednesday 18th November 2009

Thursday 19th November 2009

Friday 20th November 2009

Saturday 21st November 2009

Sunday 22nd November 2009

Monday 23rd November 2009

Tuesday 24th November 2009

Wednesday 25th November 2009

Thursday 26th November 2009

Friday 27th November 2009

Saturday 28th November 2009





Well for heaven’s sake. It’s another day. They just seem to keep relentlessly coming, one after another after another after another. Sheesh.

Stephen Fry


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