The funniest thing happened to me…


I was told today by a fellow staff member that they feel I’m not surprised by much.  I guess I’ve been in libraries long enough to have seen most things at least once, but I never considered myself jaded.  There’s lots in life that surprise me, and not half an hour later I was able to prove my point to my workmate.

For several hours, a group of three boys have been fooling around in the park that surrounds the library.  I noticed them at first because it seemed like two boys were picking on a third, trying to kick him while he half heartedly swatted them away.  They ranged all over even climbing up on low fencing around our carpark and leaning up again the window I was looking out of.

They were soon back to their mock fighting, this time with milk crates.  You can imagine how that caught our attention.  I don’t know if a flying milk crate would do serious damaged to one of those meat heads.  Worse still we weren’t looking forward to finding out if one could break our of our car windscreens park right along side.

We never did find out because at that moment another weapon was introduced into the battle…a giant blue plush dice.  You read correctly.  From somewhere, probably one of the nearby charity bins, one of the boys had found a 30cm x 30xm x 30cm blue velvet cube full of styrofoam beans.  It was the surrealist thing I had seen, boys fighting in the park with milk

Serendipity is a wonderful thing

Serendipity is a wonderful thing

crates and a giant blue dice.

Who says life is still not full of surprises?



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    • When do you expect to see a very large fluffy dice to get involved in a play brawl amongst a group of brainless teens that until that moment had felt that moving from fists and feet to milk crates. I wouldn’t have thought the big fluffy dice was a natural escalation in that scenario. A game of D&D on the other hand…

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