Good game, good sports?


Junglist not sexy enough for the gaming audience of ABC?!  Well I loved the guy for his brains not his looks.

Jeremy Ray (A.K.A Junglist) mysteriously vanished from our small screens two shows ago to be replaced by Hex.  The comparrison is pretty obvious and it’s not surprising that rumours started flying that Junglist was replaced because he wasn’t…femmine enough.

But Good Game already has a girl…or hadn’t you noticed?  Rei is a rei_largegorgeous gaming chick from my end of the world.  Surely she alone makes up enough of the female quota for ABC to be happy?

My concern with the new look of the show, which was also address by Junglist here , is that the show now lacks the depth of experience that it once had with the hardcore, competitive gaming guru of Junglist and the more entertainment casual gamer of Bajo.

Welcome to Hex, enjoyed the show. I don’t think there was any problem with the show, it was well presented and showed good depth of knowledge on the games.

However, I was surprised at how quickly they replaced Jung. It was very sudden and though I am happy to hear he still has a roll on the show, I am sorry that I will not be sharing my Monday nights with his gaming wisdom. He will be missed

Also, I am concerned with the depth of knowledge the show will now be able to display. As I don’t know Hex’s gaming background as yet, this doubt may well be unfounded. But, there was such a good balance between Barg and Jung, entertainment and hardcore. I fear that we’ve lost that balance, particularly in the scoring of games.

Onwards and upwards. Thanks for a great show.

In a world where female and male in-game characters are just as powerful, leathal or smart as each other,  it’s a shame we can’t say the same about the real life versions.


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