Something dark is spreading…


I smell a conspiracy theory…

… and it smells like yeast extract.

A certain brown substance has been making news lately when a competition it ran to name its new product failed to produce a name that appealed to the Australian public.  In fact, we hated it. 

It made it into mainstream newspapers

Ebay is awash in brown as people sell cases of the rejected product all over the world.

Even the evening news commented on the backlash.  It was a national scandal!

Now the company claims it was not a publicity stunt.  That it honestly thought they’d found a good name for their new flagship product. 


If  all this is not a publicity stunt using one of Australia’s iconic symbols as cannon fodder, can I assume that the judge were all from the land that felt secure with huge lending bodies with the farm friendly names of  Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and be happy to call computer game consoles after bodily waste?

I’m really hoping for the conspiracy theory myself.


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    • I did think of that, but as only the nearest and dearest were aware of the alternative meaning I didn’t think it an issue.
      Now the whole Internet community are aware…thanks for sharing, mate. 🙂

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