Sydney’s Interstate visitors


Some may have thought it was the end of the world but could it have been just the latest influx of interstate visitors to Sydney that coloured the sky red and dimmed the sun?

The finest of dust  from South Australia and Western NSW driven in by strong winds made it to Sydney in time for the sunrise from hell. Those of us who washed their cars lamented the time and water wasted while looking like the worst car owners in Australia.  More seriously, those with breathing issues were trapped in their homes fearful not being able to catch that next breath.

The Bull dust may have also contained the almost dust-like eggs of tiny creatures called Brine Shrimp.  Commercially used as fish food in aquaculture and as pets in Sea Monkeys brine shrimp live where ever there is salty enough water, usually in flooded salt pans all over the world.  This includes the 13th largest salt lake in the world, Lake Eyre, conveniently located in South Australia’s central north.

Brine Shrimp eggs are often blown from one place to another by the winds, so it is very likely that some of these tiny fun loving creatures have blown in for a visit.

Visitors?  No worries! Throw another shrimp on the barbie!


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