My addiction


Fable 2

Fable 2

Time is relative, well relative to the game your  play.  Anyone whose played video game will know the sensation of just sitting down to play a half hour or so and spending hours doing almost nothing in the way of advancing.  Whole weekends can go missing in this way.

Oblivion: Knights of the Nine

As we are a family of Oblivion (Elder scrolls 4) fans we usually refer to this state of mind as being “Oblivious”.  The Fable series is also a favourite, that game is a serious time waster.  When we get into the rhythm of buying and selling we call that “Fumbling”.  Now we’re into Fallout 3 and I’ve had to come up with a new phrase “Falling into Fallout”.

Fallout 3: Megaton

Of course there is a negative side to this addictive gaming for such extended periods.  I couldn’t imagine spending that long focused on anything, even my hero fighting the forces of evil (or good, as my mood takes me) with a fantastical world.

Sometimes I do wonder what useful and constructive thing I could have done with all these hundreds of hours of gaming.  That sort of thinking doesn’t last long though, this is my addiction after all and sooner or later my mind is drawn back to what dangerous situation I can put my character into.


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