Our father’s day


I got into work today to listen to staff moaning how busy their weekend had been.  Father’s day lunch with one side of the family, father’s day tea across Sydney to the other side of the family.  Having to dodge all the relative that annoy you at Christmas except on father’s day there’s no real reason to get drunk enough to put up with them.

And then there was our father’s day. 

I finish church at 11.30, pick up my sister and two dogs on the way through to Red Rooster.  I understand that outside of Australia roast chicken is a novelty, but here roast chicken and vegetables is like…Roast Beef and Yorkshire pudding in England, a big thanksgiving turkey in the US.  On one time it was a traditional Sunday lunch or dinner.  Even better, take away chicken doesn’t require any hard work on my part, any burning on my sisters part or any washing up on…either of our parts.  The perfect father’s day meal all round.

After the meal the presents were…presented (the presents  that were present were presented), a new set of Shark golf balls a PS3 and the new Tiger Wood.  That means virtually and in reality he can still lose golf balls to the water hazards.

The rest of the afternoon was spent creating our father’s virtual self and taking it in turns to send  his avatar’s ball all over the course.  I must humbly admit to being not fond of golf games, but as I was the only one actually getting par or  less, even I got into the swing (pun intended) of it.

I was loathed to leave at 4pm, but by that time my two girls were sick of the randy jack-russell.  There’s only so many ways a dog can say ‘Go Away’ politely and jack-russell’s don’t understand any of them.  We left our father with is little avatar to score well after we left…something about the pressure of an audience getting to him.

That was our father’s day.  How was yours?


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