Welcome Sulphur Dioxide…

Welcome sulphur dioxide,
Hello carbon monoxide
The air, the air is everywhere
Breathe deep, while you sleep, breathe deep

Er…what?  Create artificial trees to catch CO2 in the air?  Launch billions of sunshades into space?  Spew sulphur into the atmosphere to cool it down?

What are you crazy?!

These are some of the ideas being thrown about to curb the presumed warming of the planet.  Though the first two just sound like a good waste of money, money that could be spent making peoples lives better, the last, of creating artificial volcanoes to throw sulphur into the air, sounds absolutely barking.

Lets go back to school science.  Sulphur, in the form of sulphur dioxide from cars and industrial pollution goes into the air.  When it rains it dissolves into the water and falls as sulphuric acid which in turns enters water ways and falls on forests.  The sulphuric acid kills plants, lowers pH in lakes and rivers killing water life and more obviously for us, destroys important monuments.  And here’s a picture:

Acid rain effects

Acid rain effects

Note, KILLS PLANT LIFE.  They propose an idea that may well drop the temperature of the atmosphere, but at the same time kill off one of natures ways of dealing with CO2 in the atmosphere.

“Of course it’s desperation,” said Stanford University professor Stephen Schneider. “It’s planetary methadone for our planetary heroin addiction. It does come out of the pessimism of any realist that says this planet can’t be trusted to do the right thing.”

Except Professor Schneider, Methadone is used to ween people off they’re heroin addictions.  In your analogy, solar and wind powered energy generation is the methadone, a replacement for the dangerous substances that are coal, oil and gas.  Any far-fetched scheme like those above will only allow us to keep our addictions as we can justify our continual pumping of carbon dioxide into the air.

And I don’t know any realistic person who would personify the planet to make the statement that it can’t be trusted to make decisions!  It’s a rock, revolving around a star that just happens to be the only place we have to live.  It can’t be trust to do the right thing?  For whom?  Itself?  Actually, maybe wiping out the human species (or at least a fair chunk) could be exactly what the planet needs.

Please people, we cannot manage  what we don’t understand. Can we please try and understand what we are seeing in our world before jumping on the hysterical hype-wagon and proposing suicidal measures like the one above.

I really hope in 20 years I can look back on this blog and laugh until tears roll down my face, and not from shame.



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