Postscript: Saving Aussie Books


Online petition – No Parallel Importation of Books into Australia


The following came off the above site and is the clearest and simplest argument against parallel importation of books I’ve read:

1. There is no guarantee books will be cheaper, but removing the Restrictions will cause severe job losses in the publishing, book printing, packaging, and distribution industries.

2. The diversity of local and international book titles will diminish as publishers are forced to make smaller print runs, and take fewer risks with new authors.

3. Australian authors should not be forced to rely on unspecified extra taxpayer funded grants and subsidies, as suggested by the Productivity Commission, to compensate income lost under Parallel Importation.

4. Imported versions of Australian-authored books will be in direct competition with authentic editions. Foreign versions often change drastically to suit overseas markets – removing Australian idioms, references, humour and spelling. This is of particular concern for those Australian children who already struggle with spelling and literacy.

Please, if you feel the same about parallel importation of books please add your name to the petition.


My inept attempt at righteous anger on the subject.


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