People Power!


How dare they!

How could they imagine they would get away with it?

Shame Cadbury, shame!

Recently, Cadbury chocolates have done a little renovations to their product lines.  Besides making the bar sizes smaller they replaced some of the cocoa butter with…*gasp!*…palm oil.

You have to understand, Cadbury’s isn’t just a chocolate company, its one of those iconic brands that have been around so long even great grandmothers share fond memories of the glass-and-a-half fo full-cream dairy milk.  Scientists have sung its  praises,  soldiers cherished their care package blocks.  They made Reader’s Digest’s Most Trusted Brand this year.  It’s is our chocolate, still produced in the factory in Tasmania.  This is a lot for one chocolate company to do, but they  had successfully become and remained Australian’s favourite above all comers.  I think that makes the betrayal that much worse.  They said it was to improve the quality, to make the chocolate softer, but consumers knew better and let Cadbury know.

Complaints were so effective the company has backed down and agrees to continue making their chocolate with the full cocoa butter recipe.  It was enough to have one chocolate fanatic state:

“If people can change chocolate, they can change the world,”

Today chocolate, tomorrow…?


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