Only 40% is babble?


Out of a random sampling of Twitter messages 40% are useless babble as far as statisticians from Pear Analytics are concerned.  An example of useless babble would go something like:

“Just finished my ham sandwich and now I’m back off to work” .

Is this important, thought provoking or even worth a small titter or smile?  Goodness, I wouldn’t even say that out loud  little less get out a mobile or bring up Twitter on the computer to tell the world!

Having spend a little time on Twitter and scrolled senseless through the rubbish that is put up, I would have thought that far more than 40% was complete and useless babble.  Here are a few examples:

Soon time 4 my bed jed ! (which when you clicked on the link was actually an advert for mac and iphone apps)

I need a snack!

f my l. i do not wanna go back to school..

What I hate most is that even very intelligent people that I’m interested in hearing from seem to talk nonsense once they’ve only got 140 characters to work with.

Brightish freshish morning. Smart walk into town. Annual checkup time. Have fasted for some test or other.

(mind you I had to look hard to find this on Stephen Fry’s Twitter)

I think I have found the best use for Twitter though.  I felt there was a lack of art in many of the twitters and people needed to make them more memorable.  So I’ve decided to from today share the greatest and my personally favourite form of poetry, Haiku!

Twittering Haikus

140 Characters long.

Best use found so far.

Just a side thought.  I went searching for a Twitter link for Good New Week (GNW) and though I had no luck with the full name, the abbreviation brought up a few suggestions (none for the television show) including this spelling suggestion:

Did you mean god ?

Paul McDermott would be pleased.

dead twitter


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  1. I do hope I manage to have some interesting things to say among my babble 😉

    Indeed, I’m sure Paul McDermott would love that. I found it hilarious!

    I did see a tweet that Tim would be on Spicks & Specks last night. That was useful. I’ll be watching tonight on ABC2, as I missed last night.

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