Not all renewable energy is good energy


I’m all for finding other ways to feed our insatiable desire for energy.  Sending tonnes of CO2  in the world’s atmosphere, no matter where you stand on global warming, needs to be controlled and quickly.  So the bill currently with the Senate on Renewable Energy sounds good, doesn’t it?

So I thought until this morning and a Greens Senator pointed out some of the energy sources listed as renewable.  Solar power, she complained, was only ever supplementary as you would need another source of power at night.  I think she was being picky because the use of solar will get us closer to the 20% reduction mentioned in the bill.  Coal gas, since when was that renewable?  It’s a good relatively clean fuel, but it can’t be said to be renewable.  How about Trees?

They call it Biofuel to get away from the idea that their actually burning native forests to make electricity.  It’s bad enough that we’re wiping virgin forests for paper, now we’re cutting them down, destroying habitat that is not renewable to make electricity?  Sorry, that sounds a little akin to burning whales for fuel.  Well, they breed don’t they, they’re renewable?

I think if  we look at this proposal carefully we can think of better renewable sources than unique and irreplaceable forests.  How about Rabbits?  I even have the theme song thanks to my sister for the campaign:

Bright eyes, burning like fire…

Our Camel population is a bit of a worry as well it seems.  Why not kill two birds (or camels) with one blow.  Deal with the feral camel population and fuel the country into the new era.

Biofuel, smells like Barbecue to me!


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