Inviting destruction home…


Have you people not watched War of the Worlds?   How about  Star Trek: the motion pictureV?  No good comes of inviting the neighbours home.

If there is life out there and if one or two of them are more advanced and can travel the vast distances of space why do people think that these individuals would be any better behaved than us?  It’s like the Incas making a massive golden mirror and sending morse code messages to Spain.

Hello, exploit us as you see fit!

It is with this in mind the brains behind Science Week have decided to do just that.  At  HelloFromEarth , you can send a Twitter style message to the nearest earth-like planet, Gliese 581d.  As if there aren’t enough Twitter messages we have to start sending them into space.

I wasn’t going to send a message but after reading a few of them welcoming messages on the site, I think I should speak a few home truths to these aliens.  My message is as follows:

Don’t bother visiting, we’ve screwed up the place enough.  If you reply we’ll know there are other places we can screw up and come visiting you!




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