Send in the clowns…with their demands


If clowns did go on strike, I wonder what they would strike for:

Footwear concession for speciality orthopedic shoes for ultra long feet?

Tax Rebates for Clown cars as a work expense?

Compensation for pie and water siphon injuries?

How about, puncture repair kits?

The following story is directly from the ABC new site and was too good to retell:

Stolen inflatable clown found with list of demands

By Kirsty Nancarrow

The circus mascot Boris was taken from Blatherskite Park on July 26.

A police spokeswoman says a man walking through the Alice Springs golf course on Saturday morning found the clown still inflated at the barbecue area at the 17th green.

She says a handwritten note found with the clown demanding better working conditions has been seized by police for forensic testing.

Police have contacted the Moscow Circus with a view to reuniting it with the clown.


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