A new weapon in the war…


Iran is fighting a war.  And it’s not what you think.

It seems as many as 4 million of Iran’s 70 million people are addicted to a wide variety of drugs including toad skins.  It seems the skins are rolled into cigarettes and smoked for an hallucigenic effect.

The above article was mentioned on  Talkin’ ’bout my generation this week.  One of the contestants thought that a lot of teenagers in Queensland would be interesting in that little piece of information.  We thought there would be others also interested in that knowledge.

Cane toads are a pest species here in Australia.  Released in Queensland 1935 they are major threat to wildlife either by taking over the habitats of native amphibians or poisoning animals that eat them.  They are slowly making their way west and south with almost nothing to stop them.

But now we know how to stop them.  The answer is Nimbin.

Nimbin is well known for its alternative lifestyle particularly the love of herbal medicines among it’s residence.  Now finally the Nimbin lifestyle is useful for something.

Nimbin is now Sydney’s first line of defence against the cane toad.  The rogue amphibians will go into Nimbin, but they will never leave.


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