My life according to Split Enz


This is a fun little game that makes you really think about your favourite band’s songs.  Using only the song titles you answer the set of questions.  Sounds simple enough?  Well, here’s my answer, according to Split Enz.

Are you male or female?

She’s got body, she’s got soul

Describe yourself:

Nobody takes me seriously anyway

How do you feel:

Under the wheel

Describe where you currently live:

Through the ruins

If you could go anywhere, where would that be?

Malmsbury Villa

Your favourite form of transport?

Six month in a leaky boat

Your best friend:

The devil you know

You and your best friend are:

Double happy

What’s the weather like?

Time for a change

Favourite time of the day:

Late last night

If you life was a TV show, what would it be called?

Stranger than fiction

What is life to you?

Never ceases to amaze me

Your last relationship?

My mistake

Your fear?


Though of the day:

Give it a whirl

How would I like to die?

Shark Attack

My soul’s present condition?

Strait old line

My motto:

History never repeats


2 responses »

  1. Great answers. I like “Describe yourself: Nobody takes me seriously anyway” It looks as if Nigel is looking directly at that answer and agrees. He he.

    You want to die from a Shark Attack?!! What a way to go!

    • I guess I could have put I hope I never, but as I know that’s just wishful thinking Shark attack looked appropriate.

      It was great fun going though the collection for new and obscure song titles.

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